Kids' Reviews of Who's Sick Today

A Note from the Author:
Children always ask me how long it takes to write a book. Who's Sick Today? was the easiest book I've written and it took the least time. I wrote it one night at a dinner party with friends. We started writing silly rhymes--frogs in clogs, bicycles with icicles. The next morning the fun continued over breakfast until I had many rhymes about sick animals.

I thought it would be a nice idea to put them together in a book that would alleviate children's fears about getting sick, visiting a doctor or going to the hospital.

I researched the interior of a hospital at Yale New Haven Hospital. (While I was illustrating this, I was in graduate school for History at Yale).

In this silly illustration of beavers with fevers, fish are swimming outside the window. That's because beaver dams are part above and part below the water. But, of course they don't really have windows!

Who's Sick Today

Beavers with Fevers

Beavers with fevers, a gnu with the flu and a snake with an ache quiet children’s fears about visiting the doctor or going to the hospital. Who’s Sick Today also introduces simple rhyme to inspire children to write their own

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