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These Short Movies Feature Young People Who Have Reduced Their Climate Footprint! You can, too!

Some of the young people featured in the Young Voices for the Planet films were on the panel "Kids These Days..Taking Control of Their own Future" at the Society of Environmental Journalists Conference in Miami. People said it was the best panel of the conference conveying HOPE rather than hopelessness.

Children convinced MacDonalds to use recycled cardboard containers instead of styrofoam. Kids were responsible for getting the tunafish companies to stop fishing for tuna in places where dolphins would get caught in their nets. Children helped to save Belt Woods in Maryland. Children saved an old growth forest in Michigan and the oldest cypress swamp in Coral Springs, Florida. Kids, you can make a difference in the world!

What You Can Do to Make A Difference
Many of these ideas are from A New American Dream
*Buy less, use less
* Recycle
*Turn off your TV and use that time to learn about your community, organize and write letters.
* Replace grass in your yard at home with native plants that create food and habitat for wildlife.
*keep a Nature Journal. Observe insects, plants and animals. Draw them and write about them.
* Save open space in your community (write the Center for Environmental Education for a copy of the Save the Land You Love issue of Nature's Course)
* Compost cafeteria waste--create rich black earth. Use it to...
* Plant a butterfly and bird garden at your school
* Grow vegetables and fruit trees at home and at school--grow some of your own food.
* If you have a wet area in your schoolyard, plant wetland plants

Help migrating birds and butterflies by clicking here:
href="http://learner.org/jnorth" TARGET=NEW>Journey North