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WRITTEN IN WATER: A Message for the Future edited by Irena Salina

This book includes 30 voices of humanitarians, activists, and politicians who are at the forefront of saving Earth's most vital natural resource: fresh water including William Waterway Marks author of The Holy order of Water (one of Lynne Cherry's favorite books) and Water Voices.

The editor Irena Salina is the producer of the movie FLOW-- FOR LOVE OF WATER-- which William Marks was featured in.
This is one of Lynne's favorite movies. She's seen it four times and highly recommends it.
Water is, in the not too distant future, going to be a commodity as valuable as gold. Already multinational corporations are buying up water rights all over the world and are "mining" water from the aquifers of small towns, often leaving them without water.
It will be published in early Spring 2010.