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Making A Difference in the World

Sunflowers provide an important food source for birds and are easy to grow. You can plant sunflowers in your yard or your school!

This is Lynne Cherry’s official autobiography in which she describes her childhood forays into the woods as a blooming naturalist and how her social consciousness came alive upon the destruction of her beloved woods. Children will marvel to see the little books Lynne wrote and illustrated in elementary school and the chronology of the many books that she created as a professional author/illustrator to instill in children a reverence for nature and the knowledge that they, too, can make a difference in the world.

The book shows Lynne working at her farm, walking her dogs in Washington, DC and travelling to many places around the world.

Some of her mother's paintings of Lynne are shown in the book. Lynne's mother, Helen Cogancherry, is now a children's book illustrator herself! You can see the article from the Philadelphia Inquirer "Like Daugher, Like Mother" by clicking HERE.

Kids at Parsons Elementary in New Jersey planting their courtyard garden.

Biographical Videos About Lynne Cherry